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Discussion 2: Global environmental issues at a company level
Environmental standards, rules and technical regulations are for some companies a challenge to meet – this often leads to market failure as they cannot meet the challenge. For other companies it provides a business opportunity – either because they can adopt better than others, or they are providers of environmental goods or services. Analyse the case of a company.
The assignment
We will discuss various topics in the seminars. The discussion will be prepared by student groups, who will prepare, introduce the discussion by a presentation, lead the discussion, and finally summarize the outcomes. Besides this, the student group will research the topic in details, and using the outcomes of the discussion the group will write a research paper (essay) on the topic.
The assignment consists of four major pillars:
1. The preparation and delivery of a presentation that introduces and prepares the discussion
2. Leading the discussion
3. An oral summary of the of the topic and the outcomes
4. An essay on the topic (not just the discussion!).
Assignment Description Detailed Assignment Description
Discussions and topics will be prepared and led by a small group. Discussions will be introduced by a 15-20 minutes long presentation. The aim of the presentations is to introduce the topic, to give necessary and useful information (e.g. facts, figures), to share an opinion, a point of view, or even to ask a question (or more). The presentation will be followed by a discussion. At the end of the discussion a member of the presenting group shall summarize the major outcomes and conclusions of the discussion. After the seminar, the group shall summarize conclusions of the discussion and will finalise the essay.
The structure…...

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