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Famous Amos will categories their cookies, muffin and brownies, candies and gummies for children and younger who like to taste sweet and chocolate flavour. Besides, the hamper gifts, occasions gift or cookies in packs is targeting the customers who want to give so present to somebody when have any festivals or occasions such as birthday’s gift, Valentine Day, Chinese New Year and Christmas Day. Currently, there are nine varieties of chocolate chip cookies which are freshly baked throughout the day in each of this Hot-baked store. By using the best ingredients, like semi-sweet chocolate chips and flavourful nuts, these homemade tasting cookies became famous just by word of mouth. The “Free Smell” from Hot-baked store has been an irresistible aroma of our freshly baked cookies to be enjoyed by true cookie lovers everywhere.


Segmentation is the process of dividing a market into smaller segments with distinct needs, characteristics, or behaviours that might require separate marketing strategies or mixes. There are four basic market segmentation strategies: behaviour segmentation, demographic segmentation, geographic segmentation, and physiographic segmentation.

Behaviour Segmentation

Behaviour segmentation is market segmentation strategy whereby the division of the target market is made according to the patterns in which the people in the market live and spend their time and money. Buyers in a market will differ in their wants, resources, locations, buying attitudes, and buying practices, and any of these variables can be used to divide a market. For example, Famous Amos has offered some gifts such as cookies in gift packs, hampers, chocolates, hamlets, brownies and muffins, gummies and candies for any of the festivals or occasions. This is very convenience for customers when have any festivals or friends’ birthday, they can buy Famous…...

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