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Entrepreneurial Leadership
Jessica M. Jones
Dr. David Rall
The Business Enterprise
April 22, 2011

Leadership to any entrepreneur is vital to the success of business operations. In today’s economy individuals that possess the entrepreneurial characteristics should take advantage of this opportunity. Businesses are no longer worried about who will be their competitors. Organizations now are more in tuned with protecting and securing the businesses from deflating. Together, the suggested findings will illustrate what it takes for entrepreneurs to motivated, what attributes leaders need to influence, and the philosophy one should consider when starting an entrepreneurial business.
Keywords: Entrepreneurial Leadership, philosophy, type of organizations, small business administration

Entrepreneurial leadership is the key attribute to any successful organization. The competency to lead by example defines a great leader. With recent years, leadership has been described as the ability to empathize with others, communicate effectively, and perform consistently. These are not the only characteristics that illustrate leadership. According to James Kouzes (2008), there are five (5) basic principles to rise to leadership that any leader could implement in order to motivate: “(1) Model the ways, (2) Inspired shared vision, (3) Challenge the process, (4) Practice/enable others to act, and (5) Encourage the heart.” AOL chairman and CEO, Steve Case, also has a set of entrepreneurial fundamental which are the three P which are: People, Passion, and Perseverance. These are characteristics he believes every executive should acquire. Entrepreneurs’ essence would derive from leading, confidence, and the ability to look towards the future is the philosophy one should take into consideration when starting a business. The new definition of entrepreneurial…...

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