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Many people nowadays cheat on each other. It can be very difficult, especially when you have a “family”, and like in this story, a son together.

The short story “Burying Your Life” is about a man named Rahul, his wife Sarah and their son Tom. Rahul is digging a grave for their cat, which Tom loved very much. Therefore is he really sad, that his cat died. But when I read the story, I could tell, that it was not the “big issue” for this family. The big issue was, that Rahul and Sarah have got some problems. Sarah found a new guy, and Rahul thinks that she cheated on him, even though she says that she did not. It stands clear in the text that Rahul is still in love with Sarah, and that is his problem, because he knows that right now, they cannot be together, because they she is going to live in a little while with their son, so they can have a trial separation.

Rahul seems like a guy who cares a lot about his family. In the short story we get an insight in how he thinks about his wife/ex-wife, he thinks for example: “Her hair bounces with each step, the sunlight brightening its faded blondness and she looks casually pretty in a way that he had forgotten about” – so it seems a lot like he has those great thoughts about her, but he does not really say it, so she does not know. He is an Indian guy, and he has a son. I think he is between 30 – 40 years old, because he has got a son, and he and his wife has been married in 9 years, so he must be an older guy. He seems like an emotional guy, who is really confused about his life and what is going to happen.

Sarah seems confused about the whole discussion about her husband and the new/old guy that she is now dating/seeing. It is an old flame that she ran into, and I think that she reacted too quickly on her emotions. Because she seems like she does not really want to leave Rahul, but…...

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