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Assignment 1 – Unit 1
Type of business and aims & objectives
Foot Locker is a public, for profit organisation/business and is an American sportswear and retailer. It is a business that mainly focuses on clothing and footwear. Foot Locker is in the tertiary sector as they buy their footwear and apparel from suppliers and then go on to sell it to consumers/customers in their many stores around the world. They also advertise their product meaning they are in the tertiary sector. They are not in the secondary sector as they do not package their own products and therefore, they are not in the primary sector as they do not gather their own raw materials in order to make the products they then go on to sell. The main purpose of Foot Locker is to make a profit for shareholders like many other private companies. Also, they aim to increase their market share and to expand or develop the business further. Other purposes of Footlocker is to make a profit generally, Foot Locker insures good customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will keep up a good reputation for their business. They also offer special offers online and in store with sales, this could insure customer loyalty as more customers will shop at Foot Locker due to the cheaper prices, this will increase sales, therefore, increasing the profits made by Foot Locker.
Contrasting to this, the NSPCC is a Voluntary Organisation or a charity; it will be regulated by the Charities Commission Nationally and is managed by volunteer directors, meaning they get no pay. It is an organisation that is limited by guarantee and it is a UK charity but has subsidiaries in Scotland. NSPCC is operating in the tertiary sector as they are helping children directly through the donations they receive from the public. They could also be seen as operating in the secondary sector as they are educating children and making them…...

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