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International Marketing Brief Two: Profile of Bolivia
Kellie West
Global Marketing MKTG450-H1WW (WI15)
Professor Bruce Trumm
11 April 2015


Profile of Bolivia

In order to better understand opportunities for U.S. made chemical pumps in Bolivia, it is important to become familiar with the geography, culture, people, and economy of the nation.
With numerous indigenous tribes counted among the population and challenging geographic regions, Bolivia could make a challenging trade partner. Yet the economic outlook and wealth of natural resources make it a country worth considering when exporting and investing.
According to the CIA World Factbook, the South American country of Bolivia is a landlocked country bordered by Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Peru (n.d.). It has mountainous regions with a high plateau as well as areas of hills and plains and there are plenty of waterways and fresh water resources located within Bolivia’s borders (Central Intelligence
Agency). There is potential for volcanic activity in the Andes, but no immediate threat exists at this time (Witze, 2014). Due to its proximity to other South American countries, Bolivia is not only a prime candidate for U.S. exports, but could also be considered for investment in local onsite facilities to service surrounding countries. Companies should also consider population centers and where industries served by chemical pumps are likely to exist.
Though it neighbors five other South American countries, Bolivia still has some catching up to do to its neighbors. It ranks near the bottom in such socioeconomic factors as education, poverty, malnutrition, and life expectancy. It also suffers the highest income inequality in all of
Latin America (Central Intelligence Agency). The World Factbook notes that there is currently a noted lack of clean water and…...

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