Bps and Depression in Adulthood

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Adult Depression and BPS


Discuss BPS factors contributing to depression in adulthood, and BPS ways of managing it
The biopsychosocial model was first pioneered by a cardiologist by the name Dr. George Engel and has been embraced today by the mental health specialists. This model depicts that the biological, social factors and physiological factors are all vital and rely on each other to promote health or cause a disease. What affects the body will also often affect the mind. Wellness or a state of illness is not entirely based on an individual’s physical state but also on the person’s psychological and social status too. These elements that can contribute to depression in adulthood include; biological, psychological and social factors (Melchert, 2011).
Biological factors can make one to be prone to depression in adulthood. This is the reason because some people are more susceptible to depression as compared to others because of their biological factors and their hereditary genes which put them at a higher chance of becoming depressed in the future. Children also can inherit depression symptoms from their parents. Psychological factors are also part of the BPS model (Melchert, 2011). The factors that influence depression include poor coping skills, impaired emotional intelligence and judgment problems. The symptoms can occur as a result of past experiences of being subjected to numerous negative life events or life stress that is prolonged. An epitome of such factor is a stressful work environment. Lastly, social factors are the last causing element of depression under BPS. Social factors are those things that we must always undergo through life. Unfortunately, some of them are among the leading causes of depression. They mostly comprise of situations that are traumatic to individuals including early…...

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