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The price variable in the marketing mix is a critical element. Price can, by itself, communicate much about a product or service. For example, what would you think of buying an engagement ring at Bob’s Really Good, But Cheap, Jewelry Store, or for that matter, at a yard sale. Most consumers link price with quality and there are many organizations that carefully reinforce the quality of their product, using price as a surrogate cue (or substitute indicator) for quality. For example, check out the websites of marketers of prestige items and observe how the price variable is used to indicate quality). Check out BMW’s website and watch on of the movies there. (

When the pricing decision is made, the organization must consider several factors. These factors are as follows:

a. Supply (or cost)
b. Demand (or revenue)
c. Perceptions in the marketplace
d. Competition and Competitors’ pricing strategies
e. Government Regulation
f. Company’s desired pricing position

Supply (or cost)

If there is an abundant supply of a product or service, it may not be a candidate for being approached as a product or service for sale. For example, we don’t consider air to breathe as being a commodity we must buy. Of course, that is only because there is a plentiful supply. Of course, in Colorado, many people find that the air supplied by the great outdoors is not sufficient in oxygen, thus, they must buy air that is rich in oxygen by renting oxygen tanks to enhance their respiratory systems. Native Americans had to locate close to a water supply, but didn’t worry about having to purify the water. Hence, time can change most everything, particularly how we perceive certain goods and services as candidates for commercial products. Just a few years ago, people consumed very little bottled water throughout most of the United…...

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...Analysis: Bottled Water Causal Analysis: Bottled Water Ashlie Delaney Galen College of Nursing Bottled water has been around for centuries. While the aqueous solution in the bottle is imperative to your health, there are drawbacks to that liquid gold. And the package it rests in. Let us start of with a little history. One of the oldest discoveries of bottled water dates back to 1450 BC. There were murals painted the walls of ancient pharaohs tombs depicted canteens filled of the liquid. The Roman’s built one of the very first water transporting system. In 1767 water was first bottled in America under curative properties. Mineral water from New York was bottled commercially somewhere in the early 1800’s. In 1820, the popular Sarasota Springs sold their first bottled water. In the early times of commercially bottled water, it was marketed as a luxury drink to the wealthy and famous. It takes around 17 million barrels of oil to produce the plastic water bottles in The United States of America. Like bottled water, fossil fuels are harvested from locations around the world, processed, shipped and the consumed. Bottled water wastes a lot of fossil fuels. The burning of oil and other fossil fuels emits global warming pollution into the atmosphere. The price of bottled water is higher than the price of tap water, but in many instances, the water quality is the same. There is even a chance that an expensive bottle of water is just purified municipal tap water. The theory......

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...There are mainly two styles of bottled water: sparkling, and still water. But there are many variations of these waters, which undergo different processes and encompass different characteristics. Sparkling or carbonated water, is usually consumed as a refreshment beverage, whilst still or non-sparkling waters are consumed as drinking water. WHO IS DRINKING BOTTLED WATER? Consumer research suggests that bottled water is consumed by people of varying age groups and occupations. The large majority however tend to be young singles and couples, in particular females aged between 14-35 years. Generally bottled water consumers can be described as being more health conscious, contemporary and socially aware. SO WHY DO PEOPLE DRINK BOTTLED WATER? YOU NEED IT Regardless of the seasons and the weather, your need for water remains the same. Remember that 95% of human blood is water. HEALTHY CONCIOUS LIVING In these health conscious days water makes a great contribution to overall hydration.It is fat and kilojoule free and a great thirst quencher, which makes it a great choice for the health conscious consumer. Many people wish to get back to basics and drink something that is refreshing and pure. Some people also wish to avoid certain chemicals used in the treatment of public water supplies, such as chlorine and fluoride, and are therefore turning to the chemical free alternative. CONVENIENCE With the development of more widespread leisure and activities and the expansion......

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...Water Bottle Deposits a Plus Danielle L. Tippett Baker College of Owosso Water Bottle Deposits a Plus To walk down the streets today, nearly everyone passing by is carrying a water bottle in which they purchased at the store. It seems that the amount of water being sold by stores is increasing. Where are these water bottles being disposed of is the question. Too many of these water bottles are not being disposed of properly since the majority of these are consumed by people away from home (Lockhart,para.3). They are put into trash cans or thrown on the ground as litter. If there was a bottle deposit required on all water bottles purchased then people would be more conscious of their disposal techniques putting a stop to waste created by consuming water. All water bottles need to have a deposit which can be set by each state’s legislature to help reduce landfill waste and littering. One of the many great benefits of having a water bottle deposit is that it will help to control littering on the streets and beaches which in turn is affecting the environment. When there is litter floating along the beach shores a person might not feel so apt to swimming while on their vacation. The empty water bottles that line the streets will make certain neighborhoods less desirable thus bringing down homeowners property values. The local landfills are increasing in size with all the extra water bottles being carelessly thrown into trash cans. It is estimated that about 500,000 water......

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