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East Yorkshire University is a tertiary education establishment in Kingston, a city on the East coast of England. In recent years the organisation has undergone rapid and traumatic transformation, from a College of Higher Education to a Polytechnic, and now to a University. The reasons for these changes have been mainly political, central government wresting control of some higher level educational establishments from local authorities.

However, this government inspired move resulted in the University losing £3.5m annual 'topping up' funds from the local authority, but also meant that the institution had the potential to be more flexible in its operations and offer serious cost effective competition to the older established Universities. The new Universities (formerly Polytechnics) operate basically on very high student/staff ratios and offer little in the way of serious academic research, hence their cost structures are somewhat lower than the older Universities, which generally operate on much lower student/staff ratios and attach much greater importance to research.

When East Yorkshire University was a College of Higher Education it was organised on five different sites (one of them 35 miles away in Gormsby). Subsequent to the granting of Polytechnic status (in 1990) the institution was consolidated onto just three (all within walking distance of each other) and all located in close proximity to the University of Kingston (12,500 students). East Yorkshire University's new status came at a time when it had over 7,500 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) students and has set itself an objective of achieving a 60% increase in those numbers in the subsequent 8 years.

The city of Kingston also has an enterprising Further Education College which mainly offers courses up to, and including, "A" level standard, but which offers some post "A"…...

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Bij de omzetting van suiker en andere geraffineerde koolhydraten (bijv. koek, chips, snoep) worden micronutriënten zoals vitamines en mineralen aan het lichaam onttrokken. Als de reserves van deze bouwstoffen worden verbruikt, kunnen er tekorten aan verschillende micronutriënten ontstaan in het lichaam. Hierdoor heeft het lichaam meer behoefte aan voedzame producten. Deze zijn nu juist te vinden in de complexe koolhydraten, ofwel koolhydraten die beschikken over een lage GL, een lage Glycemische......

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