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Birth Control Effectiveness
First Source - Women's perceptions and reasons for choosing the pill, patch, or ring in the CHOICE study: a cross-sectional survey of contraceptive method selection after counseling. (EBSCO)
Second Source - Which Birth Control is Right for You? (Healthline)

Third Source – Factors to Consider Regarding the Effectiveness of Contraception (About)

Intro No parent wants their teenage daughter or son to become a teen parent at such a young age. Teenagers will be abstinent if they want to be, but parents will have those who will want to become active at some point. For those teenagers, being protected will be the right choice to lead them in the right direction. Some teens feel comfortable asking their parents about being safe, but there are some that rather talk to a doctor, talk to someone they are comfortable with, or they rather read an article that they will educate them about the different methods. Therefore teens need to know what method of protection they will benefit the most from.

Outline I. Teens need to know about the different methods of birth control and which one they will benefit the highest from if they themselves don’t want to become a teen parent. II. Within this essay the main points would be what each method is and how the method works. III. Comparison between all the methods will also be discussed for teens to learn about the methods that are considered most effective and provides greater protection for their body. IV. With every positive outcome, there is a possible negative outcome teenagers must know before they put any preventative medication inside their body.
Although majority of birth control methods have about the same effectiveness rate at any point you can still conceive a child if you’re not careful. When deciding what contraception keep in mind which method will be…...

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...Birth control is an issue that has puzzled our morality for years. When younger adults, teenagers begin to use it, it becomes an even larger controversy. Through this our human nature must comprehend the problem, act upon it, and therefore take a stand that might occasionally conflict with our personal beliefs. Yet, birth control continues to strive during a period where people of the world neglect to analyze their own actions and accepting the fact that personal dealings seem to reflect their true inner beliefs. Teenagers are the target groups that focus on birth control the most. With all the risk factors in the world today I think birth control should not be given to teenager because of promiscuousness, non-communication and un-healthiness. Although I’m against teen birth control, other has their reasons for it, such as, pregnancy, education, and abortion. Allowing teen’s access to birth control may help decrease the amount of teen pregnancies taking place each year. There are now instances of thirteen and fourteen year old girls having babies, teens that are completely unprepared to give birth and raise a child. Another reason is that it gives teens the choice to continue education. When a teenager becomes a mother or pregnant, its hard to finish school which causes some to drop out. Last reason someone might be for teen birth control is to prevent abortions. Access to birth control can help reduce the number of teen abortions that take place each year. Although......

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...All women and men should have control over if and when they become parents. Making decisions about birth control, or contraception is not easy - there are many things to think about. Learning about birth control methods you or your partner can use to prevent pregnancy and talking with your health care provider are two good ways to get started. There is no "best" method of birth control. Each method has its own pros and cons. Some methods work better than others do at preventing pregnancy. The birth control method you choose should take into account: your overall health, how often you have sex, the number of sexual partners you have, if you want to have children, how well each method works, any potential side effects, and your comfort level with using the method. Let’s take a look at Contraceptive Pill. It was invented in 1960 and led to a revolution in the history of contraception by enabling women to control their menstrual cycle. Some fifty years later, after many new inventions were added to the list of contraception methods, the pill remains the main form of female contraception. The advantages of using the Pill is that: It’s very effective against pregnancy if used correctly, menstrual periods are more regular and lighter, it decreases menstrual cramps and acne, you are less likely to get ovarian and uterine cancer, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cysts, and anemia. And it doesn’t interrupt lovemaking. The disadvantages of using the Pill are the cost or...

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...words, explain three (3) world arguments for birth control and two (2) world arguments against birth control. Give original examples (not in the textbook) or further clarification of each viewpoint or position. Our world has many different views on birth control. There are some positive and many are negative effects of birth control. Some of the positive arguments the world has for birth control are: services need position, human rights position, and population control. Some of the negative arguments the world has are: religious doctrines and medical risk. Let’s begin by looking at some of the positive arguments for birth control. Service needs position is a positive argument because according to data and surveys, there is a great demand for fertility control in many countries; therefore, the main problem is to provide modern fertility control to motivated people. The failure of some of the population services will cause overpopulation. The second world argument is the human rights position. It is the fundamental right for each person to determine the size of their family. The human right will allow a woman the right to control her own body. The last positive argument is population control. Programs are set in place to help bring about low mortality and fertility levels. To rapid of growth population can cause social and economic problems. All three of these arguments have one main common denominator and that is to control overpopulation in the world. Now......

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...people. Not only would birth control help to slow the population growth rate, but it can also help to prevent the high rate for infant deaths (Miller et al 2012). Less than 5 percent of people in most countries in Africa use contraceptives (Rengel, M 2000). If this number was higher and more people were aware of the benefits of birth control, and it was accessible to them, it would help everyone and the planet overall (Rengel, M 2000). 2) It is only reasonable to accept that birth control is not merely a matter of morals, but also of ethics (Steinbock, B 2011). It may be immoral to prevent conception, but it is unethical to willingly allow ourselves to cause unwanted pregnancies that will result in more destitution.  3) As a counterpoint to the second anti-birth control argument, developing a market for contraceptives may in fact reduce the number of women victimized by those who want them to be sterile (Gordon, L 2002). Contraceptive methods have not caused a decrease, but rather an increase, in the sexual freedoms of women in developed and developing countries alike (Lysaught et al 2012). If women are able to use contraception, they may be able to prevent becoming pregnant and being subject to cruel treatment. Against: 1) Religious or moral convictions. The idea of deliberately preventing a human life from forming contrary to nature and/or God's law can be very disturbing to many people. Religious adherents vary widely in their views on birth control. This can......

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... Prof. Cousin ENGL 1613-8am class 13 October 2014 Birth Control Pills Birth control pills are used widely by women all over the world. On average, about 150 million women use birth control worldwide. Only five out of one hundred women each year who use this method are likely to get pregnant. In the United States, 62% of women use a form of contraception, and about 10.5 million of those women use birth control pills. Many women also use birth control pills to control and reduce cramping during the menstrual cycle, prevent acne, and develop stronger bones. Unfortunately, what many women do not realize is, is that birth control pills can also be very harmful to a women’s body. Birth control should be taken out of the general public to prevent women from becoming unhealthy. Birth control should be removed from public consumption because it can cause different kinds of cancer, blood clots, gall bladder disease, benign liver tumors, strokes, and high blood pressure. First off, birth control pills can cause a variety of cancers. Cancers such as breast cancer and cervical cancer may develop from taking the pill. Breast cancer is a major cancer that can develop from taking birth control pills. According to one article, “a 1996 analysis of epidemiologic data from more than 50 states worldwide by the Collaborative Group on Hormonal Factors in Breast Cancer found that women who were current or recent users of birth control pills had a slightly higher risk of developing......

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...Subsidized birth control would keep women off welfare The state currently has $118 million in unused welfare funds. Instead of using it for corrective action, we should look into using it in preventive ways. Instead of paying people after they have children and have fallen on hard times, why not offer some money to use long-term birth control (LTBC) such as Norplant? Imagine if the state allocated money to clinics so that LTBC would be free and the women volunteering for it would receive $500. This would greatly appeal to college students, those on financial aid, the hungry/homeless and the drug addicted. None of these people are in a position where having a child would be beneficial. In New York City a program like this was implemented. In the first nine months 838 women took advantage of it. Prior to having LTBC those women had a combined total of 1,322 abortions, with some having had 15. When a "drug baby" is born the medical costs often exceed $100,000, and the child is prone to strokes, seizures, ADD, heart and respiratory problems. The cost of the implant (around $500) and the money paid to the woman for getting it is a small price to pay to avoid these abortions, medical costs and all the children's suffering. Often a family lives paycheck to paycheck. A family like this might not be able to afford $500 for birth control, and if they have another child it could be enough to financially break them. LTBC could help a family like this avoid going greatly in debt...

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...Birth Control 11/18/14 History21 Emma Goldman was one of the first one to speak to speak out on the topic of birth control. Goldman recognized that without birth control a woman, either married or single could not really enjoy sexual freedom and pleasure without the fear and worry of unwanted pregnancy. Few birth controls were available to women in the 1920’s, women were to used condoms, douching and withdrawal, and the most common practiced for birth control was illegal abortion. Also many women died from the effects such as is bleeding and infections and improperly performed abortions. If a woman was wealthy she was most likely to be able to afford an abortion, but if a woman was poor she would not it not be able to afford for this kind of procedure done, so she would make home remedies using herbs or using other methods such as inserting hangers, hooks and knitting needles inside themselves. Emma Goldman, hoped that birth control would helped woman to control their own sexuality and to have an alternative to abortion. Today, we have many safe and a number of effective birth control methods available to us, and not only for women but choices for men as well. There is also a lot of information available to learn which method is best for our body and to fit our needs. Birth control comes in different options from pills that needs to be taken everyday, to injections that are due every 90 days to implants, to Intra-uterine devices that are placed into a women’s......

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