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Cato Parnell
Human Integrated Computing HCIN
Assignment 1
Question 1:
Websites used: * * * * * *

Definition: Refers to how good a product is at doing what it is supposed to be doing.
Websites: ,
Reasons: Both websites were the easiest to book flights on and both were the cheapest flights that were available. Also on Orbitz, the travelling hours were less than 30hrs.
Example: Flights on the website were $1195 with the duration of 29hrs. And on the price for the tickets was $1199 with a duration time of approximately 28hr 2min.

Screenshot of flights on

Definition: Efficiency refers to the way a product supports the users when carrying out their tasks.
Reason: When booking a flight on this website it was very efficient for it only required the least actions to perform a task. Where I only had to use a single button to book the flight.
Example: When booking the flight, there was only a single button for searching for a flight which was “Search”. So there was single buttons that wasn’t complicated and allowed me to efficiently book a flight.

Screenshot of when entering in what flights I am looking for

Screenshot allowing the user to select which flight I would rather go on.

Definition: This involves protecting the users from any dangerous conditions and undesirable situations.
Reason: This site had the best security features when I had to enter in account details for paying for the flight. When entering in sensitive information like account details, I needed to be protected from any hackers…...

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