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My name is Kelechi Ogechi Ibekwe, and I am a Master’s degree candidate with Liberty University Theological Seminary in the Theological Studies disciple. This is in preparation towards equipping me for the end time commission by our Lord and Master Jesus Christ as He commanded in Mark 16:15 “Go ye into the world and preach the gospel”. I believe our number one aim of learning and preparing in His kingdom is to make more disciples to Him, even while encouraging one another in counseling.
My steadfast goal in life is to know the Lord more, walk with Him, and then see Him face to face when He comes. For me, everything in life is a phase that someday will pass, but our desire in this life is to serve the Lord in all we do.
Also in line with that, I am learning to encourage others with the utilization of the Solution Based Pastoral Counseling (SBBPC). With the inclusion of the Hawkins’ Pastoral Assessment Model, and defined teachings from Benner’s (2003) Strategic Pastoral Counseling & Kollar’s (2011) Solution – Focused Pastoral Counseling, it has been simply explained on the best approach to achieve this aim.
This project emphasizes on an example linked with the SBBPC method with the general concentration being Brody, from Crossroads: A Story of Forgiveness (Harrison 2007). It all comes down to the way that Brody’s emotions are not put into consideration, especially by his father. Steps are gradually taken here on how to improve Brody’s state of mind with the aid of good Christian counseling.

As far back as the twentieth century, the study of psychology has gradually moved from its view that things of the spiritual have little or no place in the area of counseling (Anderson, Zuehlke, and ZuehIke 2000, 15). This has led to further exploration and research in the Christ-…...

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