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Andrnaita Nick 10/20/12 Chapter one discussion Questions

1. In the 1980’s healthcare professional didn’t consider marketing to be important because of the seller and buyer market .Employeer had began to purchases health care , and the physcians role in referring patients to hospitals disminished National chains of hospitals , nursing homes and home health agencies were mereging another profound effect on marketing. 2. The physcians 3. The demand for many health services is relatively rate and highly unpredictable . the end user may not be the target for the marketing campaign . The product being marketed may be complex and may no lend itself to easy categoration. Not all prospective consumers for a health services are consider desirable . it is difficult to measure the outcome of the provision of health is difficult to quality the differnces between healthcare oragnizations and they services they dilver. It is more of a chanllege to market services than goods 4. Government regualtions were put into place to control the claims of purveyors of such prroducts, and with the support of AMA. Food drug Administration , and the federal Trade Commisiion watch over health related products and medical devices .physicians sometimes strayed from their areas of expertise. Doctors were paid to assist the Brand X was heathier for consumers . the AMA forbabe for physicians advertise and self promotion . there qualms did not restrict from public relations

Chapter 2
1, before world war 1 constriants of instution were public option was not an issue for us populace nor was healthcare dilvery was consider a societal cocern by 1960 perwonal…...

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