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Unit 37: Understanding business ethics
P3- describe the social implications of business ethics facing a selected business
Ethics in Finance
Ethics in sales and marketing
Ethic in Human Resources
Ethics and intellectual property state the job position that they are in and what it involves. Employees Rights
The employee will see in the contract of employment what their rights are such as how they should be treated (discrimination), the pay they are to get if they have to have time of work for specific reasons such as maternity/paternity, redundancy, holiday pay and how long they can have off, minimum wage and their regular pay. What the job is
A clear statement of the job that the person has appLied for will be included in the contract of employment Grievance and Disciplinary
The employee will also how see how grievance and disciplinary procedures are put in place if the contract is preached at anytime. How long the contract will last
How long temporary contracts last, whether it is a full time/part time job and whether it is permanent.
The contract of employee to has to be followed by employers they need to ensure that employees are provided with a safe and secure working environment and also ensuring that employees are. Of working over the legal requirements.

Grievance and Disciplinary
The contract is a contract that the employee and the employer are both oblige to obey. If the employee breaches the contract then a Disciplinary is out in place. When the employer has done something wrong then the employee will complain this would be a grievance. The grievance and disciplinary process included many people in order to solve solutions. Often in order for both parties to be protected unions will often get involved in order to back cases and provide guidance.
Grievance is when the employee takes action against the employer…...

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