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Banning substances such as marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine in some countries and allowing other substances such as alcohol, tobacco and caffeine is not inconsistent. The reason for this is that these substances differ in many ways. We can distinguish their effects on human mind. Substances like marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine should be banned through government policies because they are dangerous on the person who uses them and on the society. If we look at countries that in which a lot of individuals are addicted to these drugs we can see their negative effects on the society. Their result of using these drugs is obvious in their daily lives. One of the obvious results is that it becomes addictive and the user’s primary goal is to find these drugs and take them. This will result in them ignoring their jobs, education, family, and their lives. It could become as addictive as they will be willing to do anything to get these drugs. These drugs usually have very bad side effects on the person who takes them. It also has more dangers on human health in the long run since it could damage the person’s brain. Since these drugs are also expensive the user and the addict will have to spend a lot of money to get them which will result in them ignoring other aspects of their lives and it may cause them to become homeless, and for parents to lose the custody of their children .
However, the drugs such as alcohol, tobacco and caffeine are different in how they affect the user’s life. These drugs could be taken by the person without affecting their lives or others around them. For example. The people who smoke usually have normal lives and they can work and go about their lives without harming anyone other than the long run health risk for the user such as lung cancer. Alcohol affects people’s minds but its effect is relatively less than the other substances such as cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine. People who drink can have more control over their drinking habits than those who take the other addictive illegal substances. Some people become addicted and they become alcoholics but the people who become alcoholics are a smaller percentage of the overall people who drink alcohol.…...

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