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1. Ban smoking is something we all are familiar of. Mostly we have seen it in trains, busses etc. where there is a sign/sticker of a cigarette that has a line across it, meaning, “ smoking is not allowed”.
The text “Benefits of smoke ban will be felt at once”, by The Observer of British newspaper Robin Mckie, involves different scientific studies of ban smoking and the effects of it.
An international journal of science can conclude that there are improvements in the population of England after the ban smoking has taken place. One of the effects of ban smoking is that, it has become illegal to smoke in all enclosed public places, workplaces and owners/ managers of pubs, clubs and cafés fines up to 2500 pound if they allow customers to smoke their premises.
The Europeans Commission has found that UK has the highest percentage of Europeans trying to quit smoking and 46 per cent are trying to stop and even more say they want to give it up.
A UK epidemiologist Sir Richard Peto thinks that there are good news and bad news of smoking. The bad news is that non- smokers who breathe in second- hand smoke face a increased risk of getting lung cancer or heart disease. He also says that no matter how much ban smoking is taking place, that there will still be smokers and a lot of early deaths in the coming years. The good news of smoking which Sir Richard Peto points out that the situation of smoking is better than it use to be.
Text two “Is this the end of English literature?” by a British novelist and biographer, A.N. Wilson has a negative respond to ban smoking and that ban smoking has effects on the English literature. Wilson also says that he does not know a writher who does not smoke, and he points out great writhers as Henry James, Joseph Conrad and Virginia Woolf etc. Wilson also writes that smoking is a creative phases which is not allowed in restaurants,…...

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...a.) The subject is banning smoking in all public places. b.) My purpose is to explain my views on the subject. c.) My audience is Senator Mikulski. d.) I will be aggressive but professional. Senator Mikulski I am writing you this letter to get your views on smoking and the banning of it in public places. As a woman I am sure you know the hazards of smoking. I do not know if you smoke or not but I am positive that you see the harmful effects it has on the body. I wanted to write to give you my views on this subject. You see Senator, I do smoke but I can definitely appreciate the reasoning for the banning of smoking in public places. When you sit down to have a meal it is very offensive to have to breathe in cigarette smoke. You or your family should not have to be subjected to somebody smoking especially if you do not. Like I said I do smoke but I also hate the smell and knowing the hazards of smoking. I have small grandchildren and I would not want them to have to breathe in some bodies smoke. It is very hard to quit but I am doing my best. It would be wonderful for my health as well as the people whom I love for me to stop. I am a student right now. I do not have any health insurance. When I graduate and start my career, I know that not smoking would make it less expensive. Also if I did not mension it I am a middle age woman who needs to be more vigilante about health issues. Let’s face it, I am not getting any younger. So in closing, I just......

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