Balancing Work and Personal Life

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Balancing Work and Personal Life
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In many homes and organizations, the challenge of balancing work and personal life is rising among employees and employers. Today’s society is fast-paced. People are challenged with multiple demands at the workplace and attending to their personal lives without compromising their personal life duties and work duties. This essay offers some insight on possible solutions to balancing work and personal life.
Challenges and Solutions
Balancing work and personal life is a dominant issue in today’s society, which is filled with conflicting commitments and responsibilities. The key factors that contribute to the challenge of balancing work and personal life are competition and interest in personal values. Existing research suggests that a conflict between family and work has consequences that can affect the career attainment and the quality of a family life for both women and men (Lockwood, 2003, p. 4). For instance, women experience the challenge of either having an active career or marriage and children, and men usually trade off career and personal values. Such challenges often lead to poor employee productivity, task avoidance, drug abuse, and marital problems. Therefore, there is need to balance work and personal life. A balance between work and personal life can motivate people at the workplace and foster better personal lives. Balancing work and personal life can be achieved through taking healthy breaks and having a balanced lifestyle. Research recommends that people should prioritize their roles such that when making decisions, limits should be set between demands of personal life and work (Golden, 2006, p. 9). Priorities should be well managed to have a balance between work and personal life.
Today’s busy society creates huge challenges in prioritizing between…...

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