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Bad Data

Big Data refers to volume, variety and velocity of available data. The issue with that is that any emphasis is put on volume or quantity of data. The quantity is a very vague element of Big Data, there is no precise requirements to purely volume based data. What should be considered in big data, the complexity and depth of the data? If the content of data is deep and containing detailed information it holds more purpose. When we analyzes data we as a culture prefer less to review but of more importance. I would rather read two pages of relevant data then read one hundred pages that contain 3 pages of data. This is a factor of human nature but also a business factor. The majority of what we do in government work is time sensitive. We operate on a system of end dates. With time being a factor wasting time on Big Data that isn’t always pertinent is a waste. While in cases of no time limit, having the full three V’s of big data is acceptable and may in the end give more accurate information after spending excessive time sorting through the information mainly the volume portions. Is the system of Big Data wrong? No it is not wrong but the concept is too vague. For different situations data needs to be limited. Others not so much so it gives us a system and collection of information that is in some cases excessive for the need. It is a double edged sword. There are other aspects of Big Data collections useful in contracting offices, but only if it’s focused on pertinent data. For example an office working primarily with Humvee parts. They will want big Data access when computing cost and risk but only big data pertinent to Humvee parts within their agency, it may not suit them to know what a different agency ten years ago…...

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