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Please fill with the following terms into an Irrevocable Documentary Credit Form to issue usance credit payable at sight.
(1) Credit is available with the advising bank by acceptance of beneficiary’s draft at 90 days sight on the advising bank.
(2) Drawer bank’s discount and/or interest charges and acceptance commission are for the account of applicant and therefore the beneficiary is to receive value for the term drafts as if drawn at sight.
(3) We are authorized to pay claim in respect of your discount amount relating to this credit in excess of the credit amount.
(4) Upon receipt of full set of documents in conformity with credit terms, we shall credit draft amount as indicated on BP Advice plus discount and other charges at maturity to the credit of your Beijing Office DEM account with us.

|Name of Issuing Bank: |Irrevocable |
|COMMERZE BANK AG. |Documentary Credit Number329485 |
|Place and Date of Issue: |Expiry date and Place for Presentation of documents |
|Hamburg, 2 March, 200X |Expiry Date: |
| |Place for Presentation: |
|Applicant: | |
|Karl and Rosendner Co., Hamburg | |
|Advising Bank: Reference No. |Beneficiary: |
|Bank of Asia, Tianjin |China National Native Produce & Animal By-products Imp. & Exp. |

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