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Audit 1

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Semester: Spring 2015 – 2016
Course Title Research Methodology
Course Code RESM202

Research and

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Introduction :
The research used to investigate the process of systematically increase or revision of existing knowledge through the discovery of new facts. It is divided into two general categories: (1) basic research is to achieve the goal of increasing scientific knowledge, and (2) Applied research is an attempt to use basic research in order to solve problems or develop new processes, products and technologies. The development is a process of economic and social transformation that depends on the cultural and environmental factors and complex interactions. When we compare these two, and this means that we will get on research and development, and it means new knowledge about products, processes and services to discover, and then apply this knowledge to create products, processes and services that fill the needs of new and improved market.

Assignment Task :

In the last 10 years, the face of innovation and its management has changed. The main driver for this development is the changing role of Asian countries like India and China (e.g., Agarwal and Brem, 2012). Multinational companies (MNCs) used to rank emerging market economies primarily as low-cost locations for routine operations, while most of their research and new product and service development was carried out in the home country, as the creation of new technology was geographically sticky to a company’s headquarters (Patel and Pavitt, 1991). However, research and development (R&D) activities began to shift to developed countries outside of the home countries, producing a…...

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