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Arabs and the West (Failure of West to understand Arabs)
- Main focus is the bad perceptions gained by Europeans on Arabs

Perception of Western Attitude on Arabs

- Ideas developed from past
- Divided into 3 strands

1. Battle between Christian Europe and Islam
- 7th century - 18 century
- Fears, animosities and suspicions reflected in European Education
- Normally Western deny but subconscious is another story (prejudice)
- Oriental is defined with adjectives: duplicity, cruelty, servility, despotism.
- Another possibility is the misunderstanding of Islam

2. European Expansion
- 17th century - End of First World War.
- Euopean Imperialism (destruction of literacy)
- British Global Supremacy (lead non-europeans to civilization)
- sincerity from British was due to belief that non-european are not modern
- Heightening European Power and ideals over non-european
- British Outlook in Arab Territories was based on British Ideals (not looking at arab culture)

3. Struggle between Imperialistic Power versu Growing National Movements
- After World War I and still existing today
- Attempt of Nationalists to remove foreign power yield:
- Rebellion and repression
- Loss of life
- Bitterness of opinion
- British handicaped due to 2 reasons
a. Failure to realize impact of superior strength on weaker nations
- Weaker nation feels suffocated when under superior power
- Believes they are stopping their aspirations
b. National liberation is, in the words of T E Lawrence,"as tasteless as water."
- Struggle for nationalists, resort to under dealings on civil agitation & admin sabatoge
- British believe in civil obedience and efficient government
- Against actions of
a. striking civil servants
b. murder policeman
c. mob hysteria
d. demgogy
e. Crowd yelling
f. student demonstration
- British yielded due to…...

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