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Art101 Assignment 8.1: Discussion on Contemporary Art Trends (Manjares)
What trends do you see in art today? Have you found art that is being produced currently that speaks to your experience? Have you found art that has engaged, informed, and changed your view?
The 21st century has witnessed the growth of many technological innovations that affect everyday life, such as the Internet and satellite systems. Satart is a new type of art that is done by a satellite. There is no brush or stroke done in this type of art. I think this is a wonderful way to capture art from all around the globe.
At first I thought that art was just as boring as when you watch a move that had no action, but know that I have done this course I have found that art is interesting and fun to know about. As you explore for the facts it is like building a puzzle every piece helps you understand and to appreciate art.
After this course I have changed the way I see art. Now I can see what the artist felt and what he was trying to express with the colors and lines. It has made me look at art in a different way like when I see a painting I like it seems to talk to me and I reflect myself in it. I have enjoyed this course as well as all of my fellow peers.
Thanks everyone I have had lots of fun!…...

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