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The common notion that workers are generally apathetic about management issues, according to this author, is false, or at least outdated. The author supported his claim with the premise that, a recently published survey indicated that 79% of the nearly 1,200 workers who responded to the survey questionnaires expressed a high level of interest in the topics of corporate restructuring and redesign of benefits programs. However, a critical review of the claim and its premise cast some doubts on the validity of the argument. First, corporate restructuring and redesign of benefit programs is a small part of management issues and thus cannot be used as a basis to say workers have interest in management issues. Second, for workers to have merely indicate on a questionnaire that they have interest in the topics of corporate restructuring and design of benefit programs is not enough to conclude that they actually do it in reality. Finally, a generalization made from the result of a survey with a sample size of 1,200 workers without stating the population size is not adequate.
First and foremost, the discussion will touch on the inadequacy of the premise as against the claim. With this, I state that, corporate restructuring and redesign of benefit programs is a small part of management issues and thus cannot be used as a basis to say workers have interest in management issues. Management issues encompass several measures. These are inclusive of spinning of departments into agencies to enhance efficiency, changing of product lines, merging with or acquiring of other firms and so on. Again, the emphasis of benefit programs is so obvious that workers will be concerned with since it directly affect them thereby resulting in the kind of response from them.
Also, the issue of establishing a correlation between what a person says and what he or she…...

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