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Apply of Job Characteristics Approach

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Apply of Job characteristics Approach
Job characteristics approach is an alternative to job specialization. It states that employees will work hard when they are rewarded for the work they do and when the work gives them satisfaction. Hence, it suggests that motivation, satisfaction and performance should be integrated in the job design. According to this approach, any job can be described in terms of five core dimensions. Our group interviews MD SELIM MIA, who works as production supervisor in “Purbachal Steel Mills Limited”. Now, we assess his job’s core dimensions using job characteristics approach and describe how the core dimensions led to critical psychological states and provide outcomes.

Core job dimensions

Skill variety
Task identity
Task significance

Psychological states

Experienced meaningfulness of the work

Personal & work


Experienced responsibility for outcomes of the work Knowledge of the actual results of the work Employee growth need strength

High Quality work performance

High satisfaction with the work


High internal work motivation

Low absenteeism and turnover

Assessment of the job
Five core dimensions are used in his job. The dimensions are:
1. Skill variety: He has the opportunity to apply his skills in his job. He had some knowledge about operating a machine and computer now he applies the skills in the job.
2. Task identity: He has given to supervise the production unit. So, he has to perform the activities of the identifiable portion of total work.
3. Task significance: It is the most important term to supervise production unit, he knows.
Ups and downs of an organization depend on the production mainly. So, he has very much eagerness to this work.
4. Autonomy: However, authority has given to him to complete his tasks as his sweet will and he has responsibility for the work he done.
5. Feedback: He has been provided by the result of his works. The results show how best he fulfilled his tasks or what wrong to his work is distinguished. He is rewarded for the best performance or criticized for the bad.
We see that, five core dimensions are applied in MD. SELIM MIA’s job. Among them the scope to apply his skills, to perform identifiable portion of the work and the work given to him to do is important make his eagerness to response the work completely. These three dimensions create the meaningfulness or the importance of the work to him. So, he wants to fulfill the tasks without boring and monotony.
Autonomy which has given to him to complete his works at his sweet will, makes him responsible for the outcomes of the works. So, he is conscious about his tasks.
Feedback provides him the assessment of the work and the result by which the actual condition of the work is measured. So, he has the accurate knowledge of his works.
We found that five core dimensions lead to three critical psychological states in MD. SELIM
MIA’s job. When three critical psychological states show the positive impact on worker’s mind, motivation level grows to high. So, we can say that MD. SELIM MIA is highly motivated by his job and very much satisfied with what he does.
We can measure his motivating potential score using the formula given bellow




In his job, five core dimensions lead to three critical psychological states. So, the job shows positive outcomes. And the outcomes are given bellow:

High motivation level
High growth satisfaction
High quality work performance
High general job satisfaction
High work effectiveness and
Low absenteeism & turnover.

It is easy to say that as his motivation and satisfaction level is high, quality of work performance will be best and effectiveness of the work grows to high. So MD. SELIM MIA does not absent to his work place or turnover of working is decreased.
We interview MD. SELIM MIA to apply job characteristics approach in his job. We collect the information from him about his job and assess his job through job characteristics approach.
Applying five core dimensions in his jobs, we found positive impact of this theory and three critical psychological states leaded by those core dimensions. So, the outcomes both individual and work are positive such as high motivation and satisfaction level, high work performance and low absenteeism & turnover. So, we can easily say that, job characteristics approach is performed accurately to motivate workers in Purbachal Steel Mills Limited.…...

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