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TARGET/OBJECTIVES: Contribute 20%, $1.5bil net profit, of its earnings by 2012.

Rational approach could be applied in this case as the objective is very clearly as above.

Organization’s strategic situation, external environment, internal resources and capabilities must be needed:


- Industry: Financial services

Industry value chain: The banking business is customer driven and therefore the banking value chain starts from the market side. The value process starts with advertising a newly developed product or service to the market. Secondly, the product/service is sold to customers, e.g. the credit contract will be signed by the customer. In a third step the product will be provided to the customer, e.g. the credit amount is paid to the account of the customer. Finally the corresponding transactions, like payments, clearing & settlement transactions etc. will be processed.
The distribution part of the banking value chain consists of marketing and sales activities. Marketing includes promotion and advertising activities, branding the firm name/products/services and sales support. Sales consists of multichannel management (sales force, internet, call centers, branches), acquisition of customers and offering/pricing.
The distribution part of the banking valuechain consists of marketing and sales activities.
The value activities from products include the product development process as well as the provision of the product itself, e.g. the payment of the credit amount to the client. All products of a bank can be subsumed under the terms funding, investment and services. The financial intermediation business is reflected in the “funding” and “investment” parts of the product activities. The transactions part of the value chain is processing products and services offered by the banking industry.…...

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