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Republic of the Philippines
Region III
Division of Bulacan
Baliwag North District
Paitan, Baliwag, Bulacan

ANNUAL IMPLEMENTATION PLAN 2011-2012 Project | Objective/s | Activities/Strategies | Personnel to be Involved | RESOURCES NEEDED ( Supplies, Materials, Equipments) | Sources of Fund | Budget | Time Frame | Success Indicator | Sustainability | Pupils’ Development Poor/ Low comprehension skills in both English and Filipino. | 1. To Increase the reading comprehension of pupils with low comprehension skills. | 1. Encourage pupils to borrow or make use of the school library during vacant hours. 1.1 Add more reading materials/ activities in subject areas that use the English language. 1.2 Organize remedial classes in Reading. 1.3 Conduct a teacher –parent meeting to encourage parents, cooperation and guidance to improve pupils, reading comprehension skills. | School head, teachers, parents | Literature books, different reading materials, charts, flashcards | PTCA Fund, MOOE | Php10,000 | June 2011-March 2012 | 1.Improvement pupils’ comprehension skill in both English and Filipino Improvement of pupils study habit Children and parents relationship enhanced Vacant hours used for more productive activities | Continuous encouragement of both teachers and parents in pupils’ love for readingContinuous remedial programCooperation of teachers and parents. | | | | | | | | | | |

Project | Objective/s | Activities/Strategies | Personnel to be Involved | RESOURCES NEEDED ( Supplies, Materials, Equipments) | Sources of Fund | Budget | Time Frame | Success Indicator | Sustainability | 2. Programs on confidence improvement | 2.1 To improve pupils’ self-confidence and skills in public…...

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...Note to the user: This Word document provides a structured template for preparing your responses to the questions in the annual report project. If you did not purchase the workbook you are not permitted to use this template. INTRODUCTION TO THE CORPORATE ANNUAL REPORT: A Business Application with IFRS Content 3rd edition Copyright 2011 by Applied Accounting Analytics. All rights reserved. Reproduction or translation of this book beyond that permitted by the applicable copyright law without Applied Accounting Analytics’ permission is prohibited. Requests for permission to reprint or for further information should be directed to or ISBN: 978-0-9841839-2-0 To be completed by the student and submitted with the completed annual report project according to your instructor’s requirements. Complete the following before you submit your assignment. This step is required to validate your compliance with sections 107 or 108 of the 1976 United States Copyright Act.  1. Remove the front cover of the workbook and identify: Student Name: Wesley Franklin | Term: First Term |   Selected Company: Pepsico | Instructor: Brandy Havens | 2. Print your completed electronic template.   3. Attach the following: * This page completed with all required information. * Completed Word template. Template boxes expand as you input responses. Adjust page breaks as necessary to submit a professional......

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