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Licensed Home Care Agencies: An Annotated Bibliography
Graham, Judith. “In California, Intense Debate Over Home Care.” The New Old Age. The New York Times, 2013. Web. 6 September 2013. Graham addresses the debate which involves the licensing of home care agencies in the state of California. Unions and organizations that support the elderly take one stand to push for legislation that would license home care agencies and certify its workers. The home care agencies take the other stand in opposing this legislation by means of having to disclose names and the possibility of unaffordable and difficult obtainment of care. This information would be used to address both sides of the argument. It is helpful in not only taking one side of the debate, but both, so that a clear understanding may be presented by
Beebe, Deane. “California Bill Requires Licensing and Regulations for Non-Medical Home Care Providers.” 2013. Web. 6 September 2013. This blog defines exactly what non-medical home care is. It establishes what the bill refers to in the state of California and what would be required under the Home Care Services Act of 2013. As well, it addresses pro statements of the issue by the Aging and Long-Term Care Committee Chair Mariko Yamada.
Korry, Elaine. “Study Raises Concerns about Unregulated Home Care Workers.” The California Report. 2013. MP3. Korry covers the issue of the elderly and how harm may accompany them due to unregulated home care workers. In this audio piece, she goes on to say that unregulated workers are not screened before entering homes, which may cause further issues along the way. This will be helpful in accordance to the argument as to why home care workers or agencies should be licensed and regulated in…...

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