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Angry couples worksheet
January 20, 2014 The therapist talked to the couple constantly. The therapist also used a lot of open ended questions. She also repeated statements back to show that she was paying attention and understood what was being said. The therapist also had the couple state their worries to each other in a calm fashion and she stated their worries to the couple.

1. Have you ever experienced a therapy? This question is the topic of conversation it also gives the therapist information on what type of therapy the couple has tried and the reason the therapy did not work. It also gives reasons for the couple’s presence. Another way to address the query would be “Have you searched for other therapy in the past?” The first question is the most appropriate for the topic of discussion.
2. What are you feeling right now? This question allows the person or persons to explore how they are feeling and express it. They may also be confused with they are feeling and the therapist can help them sort out their feelings. Another way to ask the question would be to ask the couple what their views are. It basically is the same thing However, it can also signify more than how are you feeling.
3. How often do you get stressed at home? The therapist can visualize Judith’s body language and temperament as the conversation progresses. This question can be used to see the probability of irritation in Judith while Richard is in their place. This also helps in the process of what should be done to avoid the stress. Another way to ask this question would be “How does your temper increases when you are at home?
4. Richard is asked to tell about his experience while he listens to the conversation? This gives…...

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