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Analysis of Financial Budget West Bengal

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West Bengal Budget 2012-13 Allocation & Expenditure

Name Class

Expenditure by Main Sectors (Value & Percentage

Expenditure (INR Crore)
Education Health & Family Welfare Water Supply, Sanitation Transport

Expenditure %
Education Health & Family Welfare Water Supply, Sanitation Transport Total

Expenditure (INR Crore) Expenditure % Education 16,872 65% Health & Family Welfare 3,762 15% Water Supply, Sanitation 4,138 16% Transport 1,076 4% Total 25,848

Budget Allocation & Expenditure by Main Sectors

18,000 16,000 14,000 12,000 10,000 8,000 Allocation (INR Cr) Spend (INR Cr)

4,000 2,000 Education Health & Water Transport Family Supply, Welfare Sanitation

Allocation (INR Cr) Spend (INR Cr) Education Health & Family Welfare Water Supply, Sanitation Transport Total 16,176 3,860 4,664 1,114 25,814 16,872 3,762 4,138 1,076 25,848

Education Budget by sub-categories
Education Budget INR Crore
EDUCATION,SPORTS,ART and CULTURE General Education Technical Education

Sports and Youth Services
Art and Culture

Budget INR Crore EDUCATION,SPORTS,ART and CULTURE General Education Technical Education Sports and Youth Services Art and Culture Total

15,339 460 297 80 16,176

Healthcare & Family Welfare Budget by sub-categories

Healthcare & Family Welfare Budget (INR Crore)

Medical and Public Health Family Welfare

HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE Medical and Public Health Family Welfare Total 3,358 502 3,860 3,327 435 3,762

Water Supply, Housing & Urban Development Budget by sub-categories

Water Supply & Housing Budget (INR Crore)
Water supply and Sanitation Housing Urban Development


Budget (INR Crore) 1,070 131

Urban Development


Transport Budget by sub-categories

Transport Budget (INR Crore)…...

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