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Justin Bieber is signed by Island, Island Teen, RBMG, schoolboy and def jam record label. They are all universal music groups. One of the main record labels Justin Bieber was signed by is Island record. Island record is a major record label, which operates as a division of Universal Music Group. Island records was found by Chris Blackwell, Graeme Goodall, and Leslie Kong in Jamaica and has been located in the UK since 1962. The record brand consists of three brands in the world; Island UK, Island US and Island Australia. This is mainly due to the labels significant legacy. Over the years, the company have managed a wide selection of popular musicians such as Demi Lovato, Tiao Cruz, Avicii and many more other famous singers. Furthermore, Island Record also own subsidiary labels such as: Apollo Recordings, Teen Island, Mercury Records and many other labels. Island Record market their bands and artists mainly through websites, by updating regularly on band and artists.
Justin Bieber is a songwriter and singer. He produces pop, teen pop and R&B music. His target audience is teenage girls between the ages of 12-19 year old; this is because most of his songs contain cheesy pop lyrics, which attract the attention of girls. Also, he produces songs that are deep and many teenage girls are able to relate to: e.g. most of his songs are related to heartbreaks. Justin Bieber became famous through YouTube. In early 2007, Justin Bieber was aged 12 and he sang ‘Neyo’s ‘So Sick’ for a local singing competition and he came 2nd place in the competition. His mother Pattie Mallete posted this on YouTube including various other covers of him singing to R&B music, this resulted in his videos obtaining millions of views. Moreover, he used to sing on the streets of Ontario Stratford in order to give to his single parent mother money. He was…...

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