Alternating State Government It Security Policies

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Alternating State Government IT Security Policies

University of Maryland University College Europe
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Cybersecurity in Government Organizations CSIA 360
24 April 2016

The purpose of IT Security Policies within the state governments
IT security policies are the foundation that any business or government should have implemented with their IT systems before the systems are going to be accessed or in other terms used by users and or customers. The successful implementation of such IT security policies are necessary for the infrastructure of IT systems that are going to be operated safely.
IT security policies normally are papers that address the requirements of the system’s rules that are to be fulfilled, which usually is a defined set of rules. The individual IT security policy addresses a specific area in detail like such as an acceptable user policy that outlines how the system is to be used with what each user can perform on the system (SANS, 2016). Each individual state is responsible for implementing its own IT security policy because there is no precise must do practice in place when it comes to fulfilling IT security policies for the state governments. State agencies and offices are responsible for their own IT security policies. Each state addresses IT security policies and the associated problems with implementing these, but two states barely mention the topic, which reflects with rare information concerning their cybersecurity plans (Dawson & Desouza, 2016). Vermont as being one of the two states mentions that it needs to overhaul its IT security systems. Which is from 2013 and this is supposed to be good until 2018. If Vermont posted anything about cybersecurity, it is hard to find because it is not mentioned in their latest IT strategic plan. The majority of states mentioned the problems and these do have sound…...

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