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1. Introdution:- When a car is speeding along at 50 Km per hour it has a tendency ('Inertia') to keep moving at the same speed and in the same direction unless some force acts on it. The car accelerates its occupants to its own speed so that they seem to be moving as a single unit. The inertia of the occupants is, however, independent of the inertia of the car. If the car were to crash into a tree, the force of the tree would bring the car to an abrupt halt. The speed of the occupants, however, would remain the same because of their independent inertia and they would bang into the steering wheel, the dashboard or the windshield. The force exerted by the steering wheel or the windshield would then bring the occupants to a stop but may in the process cause injury to vulnerable body parts such as the head and the face. Car manufacturers use 2 different restraint systems to help stop the occupants while doing as little damage to him or her as possible. The oldest one is the seatbelt that spreads this stopping force across sturdier parts of the body over a longer period of time to minimize damage. The air bag is the second and a more recently developed system that is used to deploying a rapidly inflating cushion in the space between the passenger and the steering wheel or dash board to prevent crash injuries.

Fig1-Diagram of an airbag.[3]

2.History of Airbag:-
The car manufactures has spent a great time in advancing car safety features. The airbag is one innovative safety feature. Before the airbags that were placed in cars, the cars did not have any safety features. They had an automatic seatbelt. The car manufactures first introduced the airbag system in the 1970s. In 1971 the Ford Company tested the airbag system at an experimental fleet. Then a few years later the Chevrolet made the airbag in cars just for the governmental purposes. Later on General Motors…...

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