After Caravaggio’s Sacrifice of Isaac

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After Caravaggio’s Sacrifice of Isaac
Rachel Cusk
(Made by Mads Præstensgaard)

Alan, who is the main character in this short story, is married to a woman called Sally. They live together through marriage. Saying this, it seems as though marriage is the last line, keeping the couple together, instead of the passionate and romantic love, which regularly is the case. This type of love is imperative for adults. Seeing a lack of this love in their marriage, a different type of love does exist in their small family. Isaac, their son, is the source of the family’s unconditional love. In most cases, a family father is fortunate enough to both have the affectionate love from his wife, and the ardent love from his children.
Alan is only met by the ardent love of his son Ian. And no longer has a passionate relationship with his wife. Subsequent to the birth of Isaac, Sally suffers from a sort of postnatal depression, causing her to not love Ian, in fact she is not pleased about him at all; “his crying made her mad”. Because of this Alan is required to comfort their newborn baby on his own. This does not affect Alan at first. He loves the company of his son Ian, and starts feeling more independent, knowing that he is the incentive for his sons’ upbringing. This unconditional love, Alan is met with from his son, keeps him occupied. But after a period of time, everything appears to be the same in Alan’s’ eyes. Alan starts seeking a passion in life, both in marriage and his everyday life. He starts to find a passion in art, after an excursion to an art museum with his son. Afterwards he joins an art class, where he meets Gerte, an art history teacher from Germany. He finds himself talking to a well-educated person, someone he describes to be the exact opposite of his wife, both physically and mentally. “She was the opposite of Sally, she was very well educated and delicate…...

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