Affordable Housing in Pune

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Affordable housing as a part of the smart cities mission in Pune



Introduction .............................................................................................................. 1


Literature Review..................................................................................................... 6
a. Affordable housing and slum redevelopment in a global context ..................... 6
b. Affordable housing and slum redevelopment in India ....................................... 7
c. Affordable housing and slum redevelopment in Pune ....................................... 9


Need Assessment ................................................................................................... 10


Bibliography .......................................................................................................... 12

The term, “smart city” can be rather nebulous when taken by itself; there exists no widely accepted definition (Ministry of Urban Development, 2015, p. 5). The significance of a smart city varies across countries and cities, making it imperative to examine what the name means in the Indian context.
As per the government, a smart city has three major features: a strong infrastructural core that induces high-quality living, a sustainable, clean environment and “smart solutions” (Ministry of Urban Development, 2015, p. 5).
Even this concise description of smart cities seems to depict a highly dense, multi-faceted landscape and thus it perfectly conveys the complexity of a city that is to be considered
Naturally, implementing such an ambitious model for urban development in India would require tackling an endless number of issues. This is why the following report chooses to focus on but one, examinable, component of a smart city;…...

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