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Communication: Analysing & Presenting Complex Communication.
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Admin & IT HNC - Student Business Venture Committee (Group 1 or 2)


DATE 17TH February
TIME 1st Meeting 1.15 – 2.20 2nd Meeting 2.30 – 3.35
CHAIR Emma Sanders

Time | Item | Topic – Student Led New Business at Clydebank Campus | Member | 1.15 | 1 | Welcome & Introduction | Chair | 1.20 | 2 | Present & Apologies | | 1.25 | 3 | Matters arising from previous minutes | | 1.30 | 4 | Suggestion 1 – plus questions | | 1.35 | 5 | Suggestion 2 – plus questions | | 1.40 | 6 | Suggestion 3 – plus questions | | 1.45 | 7 | Suggestion 4 – plus questions | | 1.50 | 8 | Suggestion 5– plus questions | | 1.55 | 9 | Suggestion 6– plus questions | | 2.00 | 10 | Re-cap for Minute taker &Vote on proposals to be put forward to Principal | | 2.10 | 11 | AOB | | 2.15 | 12 | Date of next meeting | | 2.20 | 13 | Close | |

Time | Item | Topic - Student Led New Business at Clydebank Campus | Member | 2.30 | 1 | Welcome & Introduction | Chair | 2.35 | 2 | Present & Apologies | | 2.40 | 3 | Matters arising from previous minutes | | 2.45 | 4 | Suggestion 1 – plus questions | | 2.50 | 5 | Suggestion 2 – plus questions | | 2.55 | 6 | Suggestion 3 – plus questions | | 3.00 | 7 | Suggestion 4 – plus questions | | 3.05 | 8 | Suggestion 5– plus questions | | 3.10 | 9 | Suggestion 6– plus questions | | 3.15 | 10 | Re-cap for Minute taker &Vote on proposals to be put forward to Principal | | 3.25 | 11 | AOB | | 3.30 | 12 | Date of next meeting | | 3.35 | 13 | Close |…...

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...DIVINE WORD COLLEGE OF CALAPAN GRADUATE SCHOOL DEPARTMENT FINAL EXAMINATION IN PRINCIPLES IN EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION Submitted by: EVANGELINE DIPASUPIL GEDUCOS MAED-Major in Administration & Supervision Submitted to: DR. TERESITA M. SORIQUEZ Professor Date Submitted: OCTOBER 27, 2012 1. An administrator/ principal/ teacher plays a very important role in improving the culture of the school-especially nowadays that Philippine Education has been running on empty. They should provide what little resources they can share for education. They should be properly motivated and dedicated to their chosen profession so that the vision, mission and goals of the school will be attained. They should identify who to serve and what to serve in the community so that they can manage the school or the classroom well. They should focus on teaching/ managing the learners on how they can apply their learnings on their everyday living. 2. I can say that in my school, instructional supervision is well-managed. Our school head focuses on the improvement of the instruction. She checks our lesson plans/ daily lesson log. Every now and then, she makes sure that her teachers are teaching their pupils. She encourages the pupils to study well as well as the teachers to teach with their hearts. She reminds us the real meaning of teaching especially when we complain about our pupils. She observes classes once a week. After observation, she arranges a post...

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...In a nutshell, the administration of herbal medicines and drugs is not as extensive as that of other categories of drugs in which there are a myriad of ways to take and/or abuse the drug. If one were to consider the fact that some of the most powerful substances of abuse are extracted from plants, such as cocaine (Erythroxylum coca), marijuana (Cannabis sativa), peyote (Lophophora williamsii), and tobacco (Nicotina tabacum), then one’s view of the previous statement may be somewhat altered (Hanson, 2012). However, as the book mentions, these substances are mentioned elsewhere in the book in the contexts of other drug categories, and need not be mentioned in broad detail in this context. Excluding the various means of administrations of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and other drugs that can be extracted from plants (such as snorting, smoking, injecting, etc.), the majority of the drugs that will be discussed here are administered orally, applied to the skin, and in some cases, inhaled. To provide a few examples; herbs such as acai, cinnamon, cranberry, garlic, ginger, ginseng, licorice root, and soy are all substances that fall under this category and are commonly used to make teas, juices, extracts, and, in some cases, in preparation for external use. Examples of external use in herbal drugs stem from the use of aloe vera as topical ointment, the Echinacea plant (which can treat upper respiratory tract infections such as the common cold), peppermint oil which can be......

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...DATE: | 6-Feb-2017 | VISA: | Issued | VISA NO: | 35247556 | VALID DATE: | 22-Jun-2016 | PREVIOUS SCHOOL'S DETAILS | School Name: | | Location: | Outside UAE | Last Class Attended: | | Last Date: | | Medium: | | Board: | | ACADEMIC RECORD IN LAST ANNUAL EXAMINATION IN PREVIOUS SCHOOL | | S. No. | SUBJECT NAME | SCORE |   | | 1 | ENGLISH | | | | 2 | 2nd LANGUAGE | | | | 3 | MATHEMATICS | | | | 4 | SCIENCE | | | | 5 | SOCIAL SCIENCE | | | | 6 | % OF ENGLISH, SCIENCE & MATHS | | | ACHIEVEMENTS IN SPORTS/ ARTS/ MUSIC OR OTHER CO-CURRICULAR AREA | WON AWARDS FOR VARIOUS COMPETITION | | | | FATHER'S DETAILS | NAME: | TARIQ IQBAL | QUALIFICATIONS: | Master in Business Administration | UNIVERSITY: | Lucknow University | OCCUPATION: | Corporate Banker | ORGANISATION: | Sharjah Islamic Bank | DESIGNATION: | Relationship Manager | ARE YOU DPS SHARJAH STAFF: | No | JOINING DATE: | | EMPLOYEE ID: | | ADDRESS: | 4, SHJ | TEL-O | 065998264 | TEL-M | 971502288609 | | MOTHER'S DETAILS | | NAME: | SHAZIA KHAN | | QUALIFICATIONS: | Master in Computer Application | | UNIVERSITY: | U P Technical University | | OCCUPATION: | House wife | | ORGANISATION: | | | DESIGNATION: | | | ARE YOU DPS SHARJAH STAFF: | No | JOINING DATE: | | EMPLOYEE ID: | | ADDRESS: | 4, SHJ | TEL-O | | TEL-M | 971526743145 | | SIBLING DETAILS | | SIBLING IN DPS SHJ? | No | ADMISSION NO: | | CLASS: |......

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...Office Administration Office Administration The role of an office administrator is to manage and lead the team of the admin staff. It is important that they are able to delegate the tasks for each member of the team and that the level of work given is appropriate to the team member. The office administrator in the DanIndia Furniture Ltd will be involved with the smooth running of the office and ensure every department is working according to company practices. Information Management The administration is a corporate body specifically charged with making resources productive, reflects the essential spirit of the modern era, it is essential and this explains why once established grew so rapidly and so little opposition. The information administration seeks to achieve goals through people, using techniques within DanIndia. She is the key subsystem within an organizational system. Within the information administration is: • Performance of various interpersonal roles, information and decision. For decision-making process of information flow is essential. This process involves the knowledge of past, future estimates and regular feedback regarding the current activity. The task of management is to implement this information-decision system to coordinate efforts and maintain n dynamic equilibrium. • Coordination of human, material and financial resources for effective and efficient achievement of organizational objectives. • Value of the organization with its...

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...Introduction To Public Administration–MGT111 VU LESSON 01 INTRODUCTION 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. The course on Public Administration/Management has following objectives: Understand the concept of public administration/ management/organization Understand the evolution of the concept of public administration and its importance Understand the role of government Understand the role and core functions of public manager Understand the structure of government /organizations Create understanding about the skills required by the public manager in imparting duties Understand the changing role of government and role of public managers. Importance of Course: The course on public administration/management is important as every citizen must understand the functioning of government. Besides, whether one works in private or public organization, or one is doing ones own business or whatever the profession, this course is useful as it helps understand organizations and their functioning. It also helps us understand the environment in which we are working. Introduction: definitions, concepts & setting At the end of lecture the students should be able to understanding: • The meaning of PA • The practice of public administration (PA) • Public administration as a subject of study • Definition of Public administration • Public administration, democracy and rights of citizens The Meaning The word ‘administration’ has been derived from Latin words ‘ad’ = to and ‘ministiare’ = serve and ‘Public’......

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