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Forming stage is the polite stage, in which members are optimistic and well-mannered. Some members may be curious as they haven't yet worked out exactly what work the team will involve. This stage is usually quite short, and may only last for the single meeting at which people are introduced to one-another. Once the group’s membership is in place, the second part of the forming stage begins: the task of defining the group’s purpose, structure and leadership. This phase is characterised by a great deal of hesitantly. Members are ‘testing the water’ to determine what types of behaviour are acceptable. This stage is complete when members begin to think of themselves as part of the group.

Forming stage in my team is very effective. All our members are willing to meet with each other. Introduce our self and defining the task that we will be accomplished. We are using the traditional structure; we have an elected leadership, social time together and a planning process. The aggressive behaviour is accepted by all of our members. For some members is impatience with these discussions. There will be difficulty in identifying some of the relevant problems. Because there is so much going on to distract members’ attention in the beginning.

Cohesion is the action or fact of forming a united whole. The cohesion performance is strongest when members are committed to the group’s tasks and we have good communication with each other and positive interaction. In the forming stage, our group satisfaction is increasing. Besides that, trust of each other is build immediately. The coordination is given by each other.


First, I will engage my team members. Engagement is very important in a team. I will change my passive attitudes to active. I want give more idea to my team members and i will try to be more patience in the meeting. Try to find more information…...

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