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The Human Resources Analyst position within J.P Morgan interests me because I am aware that J.P Morgan is a world-leading financial services firm, and I would love to be a part of a winning team. Your industry-leading training and performance management initiatives, as well as an opportunity to build a professional network, are also qualities which attract me to this position.
My previous experience within the luxury retail sector has equipped me with skills that I believe are well suited to your Human Resources Analyst position, such as a high level of professionalism, the ability to multitask, and being able to communicate in a confident and effective manner with people from a wide range of backgrounds; a fundamental component of providing high quality services.
At present, I am the Newspaper Features Editor of InQuire, the University of Kent newspaper, which means that alongside writing and delegating articles, I am also responsible for aspects of Human Resource allocation such as interviewing candidates, assisting in training new members of the committee, and attending meetings; responsibilities which require good negotiation skills, patience and persistence. I can also adapt quickly to any new software required to complete tasks, as well as having advanced capabilities in all Microsoft Office programs. This has prepared me for a work experience placement I undertook at The Canterbury Times newspaper last year, where I was required to transform lengthy press releases into compact, concise articles. This also meant that I was able to experience first-hand how members of a team work together to complete the finished product.
I feel that my professional skills as well as my personal qualities are well suited to the challenges of working in a corporate bank, assisting in the long-term development of highly paid…...

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