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There were places we would go at midnight
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There were secrets that nobody else would know siaokdpasi…...

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...Kyesha Buckham  English 96  Wanda Haynes  Achieve Your Dreams­Remember Your ABC’s      I never had  that inner voice that pushed me to get to my goals. So because of that I had  to build my inner self motivation and the way I did that was by creating  my own quotes I can  use to motivate myself . “To achieve your dreams remember your abcs “ the title is very literal.  Wanda Carter gave words of wisdoms to live by in a very creative way. She used a skill that we  all knew our ABCS, and provided us with phrases and terms not many of us know how to  achieve and understand. Within each line a message is told, that I myself can very well relate to .  Take your own advice and stay positive  in your path of success . That statement alone  explains the message that Wanda Carter wanted her audience to receive. Her first line and one of  the most important was “Avoid negative sources, people, things and habits”. Everyone has ideas,  inspirations and goals that they want to reach. When those ideas are shared negative feedbacks  and criticism are always thrown out that most people do not know how to handle. This poem is  more like a how to , steps to reach  success. With these  phrases people that need a little push  will feel like their in control . As stated in the last line “ Zero in on your target , and go for it”.  All of us need some type motivation and strength to push us to succeed, as Wanda Carter  writes, “ Understand yourself in order to better understand o......

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...09902787224 GENERAL MANAGEMENT CASE-1 : ATTEMPT ANY 4 CASES, EQUAL MARKS PER CASE (20 Marks) Questions : 1. Assume you want to lead the change to save the Kollkal plant. Describe how you would proceed? 2. What is the primary type of change needed - technology, product, structure or people/culture? 3. What techniques would you use to overcome union resistance and implement change? CASE-2 (20 Marks) Questions 1. What is more important the statement in a corporate culture document or actual managerial behavior? 2. Why did the Falcon executives act as they did? 3. Why didn't employees like Richards blow the whistle on Falcon, challenging the inconsistency between values and behaviour? 4. How can executives go about changing the old values that govern an organization? CASE-3 : (20 Marks) Questions 1. What is the impact of AIDS on businesses? Do you agree that businesses in the near future would be actively interested in addressing the issue of AIDS? Justify your answer 2. ABC Corporation wants to partner with an NGO and address the issue of AIDS around its factory, discuss what steps should ABC Corporation take to initiate, manage and sustain its partnership with the NGO . CASE-4 : (20 Marks) QUESTIONS: 1) What happened when Prakash got promoted to the position of Asst. Manager (Marketing)? Why did this happen? 2) If you were entrusted with the responsibility of managing 6 sales representatives & creating an......

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