A Second Chance

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April 8, 2011 A Second Chance at Life

One of the issues plaguing the nation is our youth getting into trouble with the law.
Surprisingly, there are many young adults that are starting out in life with the wrong concept.
The legal system’s answer to our errant youth was the development of boot camp programs.
These camps are designed to make sure the attendees never want to get in trouble again. The young people who are sent to boot camp can look forward to rigorous activities. Our judicial system believes that their hardcore military type punishment will work. Many participants do leave with a new direction in their life. Upon completing the program they come home ready to get a job and earn a honest income. However, once the business find out that they have a criminal record their application is denied. Where are the jobs and educational financing for those who want to attend college? Our government should support those who have successfully completed the program by offering them hope in the form of rehabilitating them back into society. The authors of Youth Justice in America state that these institutions are based on the theory that bad kids need more discipline, physical rigor, and more time outdoors. (Ahranjani
281). According to the National Institute of Justice, boot camps were born in the late 1980s and early 1990s. By 1995 state correctional agencies operated 30 camps. (Ashcroft par. 4). In my opinion somewhere on the boot camp road the judicial system forget about the graduates life after the program. Let us assume that the programs were established to teach the values of discipline, self- esteem, and leadership skills. These programs not only help them mentally, but physically as well. The…...

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