A Reasonable Alternative

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A reasonable alternative
As I read the newspapers and watch TV and go to movies, I see that the entertainment media, including sports, TV shows and movies are sending out to the public three consistent , dangerous and very, very sick messages, that include, among other messages, that (1) violence is enjoyable to watch, (2) violence is enjoyable to participate in, and last but not least, that (3) violence is a means to solving problems with people in your life.
For each of these messages, there must be a reasonable alternative.
In the world of sports like boxing, football, and hockey one of the messages to the audience is that violence is enjoyable to watch. The same kind of message comes from most movies that contain violence, as well as from many TV shows.

In addition, the parts of this problem include the fact that there are people who create the shows, movies, TV and sports that send these 3 very dangerous messages, and there are people, called the audience, who want to watch this material.

What is needed first is (1) to understand the psychology behind this problem, both from the standpoint of the creators of these messages, as well as, from the standpoint of the audience and (2) what would be a reasonable alternative to this violent stuff (obviously non-violent stuff) and how to get the creators of the violent stuff to focus their creativity on non-violent stuff and how to get the audience to not want to see the violent stuff and instead send the message that only non-violent stuff will be tolerated.

Each day I get on the internet to check the news, emails, etc and consistently am bombarded with information about senseless crimes being committed by supposedly OK people who have not learned the mature and non violent way to deal with problems with people in their…...

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