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To the shareholders of Best Motor Works:
As the new CEO of Best Motor Works, It is my goal to position Best Motor Works as a niche market leader for luxury vehicles. This will be performed through a clearly defined vision, mission and corporate strategy.
Our Vision: Best Motor Works strives to produce the finest vehicles in their class, providing our customers with quality and service second to none.
Our Mission: Best Motor Works will create maximum value to its shareholders by providing our customers with quality vehicles that meet or exceed their needs and expectations in each class. We will remain on the cutting edge of technology, and keep our product line fresh through innovation and superior service. It’s in our name, our customers expect it, and it’s how we do business. We are Best.
At Best Motor Works, we are aware of whom our customers are and the best way to satisfy their needs through a product line of vehicles that are tailored to the important concerns of each of their intended users. We currently manufacture a line of three automobiles, the Boffo, the Buzzy, and the Beaut. The Boffo is our offering to the family shopper, offering safety and quality. The Buzzy is the sports car, providing unequalled performance in its class. The final car in our line-up is the Beaut, providing luxury and styling to those that can afford the best.
However, an excellent vehicle selection is not enough to sustain us into the future. It is our belief that the automobile market is dynamic in nature, calling for manufacturers to be the same. Our first period produced lower than expected sales and a significant decrease in net income. This was due to costs from extensive investments in technology and new vehicle development. Through a focus on reinvestment in technology, superior dealer support, and…...

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