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HIV and AIDS in the Phils.
What is HIV and AIDS ?
Are they the same?
What similarities they have?
What differences they have?
* An infected person may look healthy and feel well. * Without proper treatment and after continued attacks by the HIV virus on the immune system, the person may develop other illnesses and symptoms. * Infection will progressed into the stage called AIDS. * Nevertheless, people living with HIV (PLWHIV) may live a normal life as long as the infection do not progress to AIDS.
* Infected person is prone to many illnesses and diseases. * Very low immune system * Shows symptoms ( change skin color, rapid weight loss)


HIV and AIDS are two different terms; HIV is the virus while AIDS is the condition. Both are FATAL and POSES threat to any gender and age.
Modes of Transmission
HIV can be transmitted through any of the following: * Direct sexual contact * Injecting needles (sharing) * Breastmilk * Blood Transfusion * Infected mother to her unborn child

An overview of the latest HIV and AIDS in the Philippines * DOH said that from one case in every three days in 2000, HIV cases have increased to one case a day in 2007, four on 2010, seven in 2011 and nine in 2012, and a recent case is every two hours in 2013.

* Males having sex with other males were the predominant type of sexual transmission through heterosexual contact, followed by homosexual contact and bisexual contact.
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1. Are HIV and AIDS one and the same? Justify your…...

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