A Gab of Sky

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Essay about the short story
A Gap of Sky
By Anne Hope, 2008

The short story A Gab of Sky reflects on the topic of youth. It deals with the problems and possibilities of being young while living in central London. It is in the youth a person is able to create his or hers own personality and figure out how they want to spend their lives. It is also during the youth a person can truly be free to do, feel and think about whatever they wish, without having to deal with the obligations and responsibilities that follows being an adult just yet.

The short story was written with a third person narrator, but the reader follows Ellie throughout the story, and we hear about her thoughts and actions. Being able to know how she thinks, gives the reader an insight in how she sees and experiences the world that surrounds her. Also the story is given an extra edge because the tone of the short story is influenced by Ellie’s vocabulary, which isn’t exactly a nice one: “Fuuuuuuck (…) Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit” (l. 12-13). This also gives a presentation of who Ellie is as a person, and what the area, she lives in, is like.

The main character in the short story is Ellie. She is nineteen years old, and lives in something like a student hall in London. She is studying, but not because she really wants to. She stays up late to party and skips school in the mornings. Her last change for staying on the “bloody course” (l. 66), as she calls it, is to turn in the essay due to the following morning. At first she seems determined to turn in this essay, but later on she really couldn’t care less, but in the end it has finally come clear to her that turning in the essay would be the right thing to do.
Ellie takes drugs to escape the world where she will soon have to take responsibility of her actions. She has not learned to be so because she has been looked after by her…...

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...Essay - A Gap of Sky Everyone knows the feeling of realizing when we take things for granted. It does not matter whether it is persons, pleasures or love because it hurts a bit inside anyway. You wonder if it is too late to make it up, but it should never be too late. Ellie becomes aware of her problem and at last, she knows that she has done a good thing and the right thing to do as well. Ellie is a wild teenager who wants to live life a little extreme. By the word extreme is meant that she party much, does not care much for school and she uses coke. Ellie develops throughout the story from being a nineteen-year-old drug abuser, who wanders around in her own small world in which it is all about drugs and she does not see the world or the people around her. In the store, she focuses her thoughts on the stone and her mother. She realizes that she has taken love and life for granted and how ungrateful and foolish that is. It is the point of no return, Ellie wakes up and start thinking about life and it values. She opens her eyes to the world she is living in. She becomes aware of the people, their love and the bonds of love between everyone. The feeling of being alive gives Ellie an ecstasy, which clearly is better than the intoxication of drugs. Her name means shining light or beautiful woman and it seems suitable because of her improvement. Ellie walks around London city as she goes for printer ink and the other errands. She does not tell us much about where she is...

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...A Gap of Sky In life there's many obstacles to overcome. The difficult transition from childhood to adulthood brings along some of these obstacles and it's often young people who make the wrong choices when choosing how to live their lives. Being young is more or less about providing a background for your personality and that's why the youth is such a vital part of life. But being young is not always as easy as it sounds. Even though freedom is within reach, responsibility and expectations are breathing young people in the neck reminding you of the pressure that comes with it. Instead of choosing the right path that brings them the best, more and more young people feel a massive pressure when undergoing the transition from child to adult. This pressure often result in frequent use of drugs and alcohol to escape from the harsh reality.This is the case in the short story “A Gap of Sky” by Anna Hope from 2008 that deals with the issues of drugs, freedom and pressure. The story is set in todays London and starts in medias res when the story's main character, Ellie, wakes up. Ellie seems tired, worn out from last night and you understand that she has a hard time getting out of bed. The first sentence describe the darkness around her: “It is dark, but the wrong dark. Something is wrong with the dark” (p. 1, l. 1) Her room is probably dark because the curtains block the sunlight. The wrong dark may symbolize Ellie's state of mind. Her unconsciousness tells her that something......

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