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Dear Mr. Lee,

I write on behalf of my CEO, Ms. Douglas, of the Dutch cell phone company ‘‘cell.com’’.
You’ve met Ms. Douglas at the Cebit Trade Fair in Hannover. She was highly satisfied with your inspirational inventions, especially the auto rechargeable cell phone. This new technique is not only eco friendly, but also very efficient in many ways. This is why our company has a positive vision of our potential collaboration.

Considering the fact that our eye went to your invention, we would like to set up a deal.
Ms. Douglas wants to draw up an order of 3.000 head of your cell phones. But instead of €130,- a piece, a descent settlement would be more appropriate seen the extent of the purchase.

First we would like to receive a small amount of your cell phones. This to confirm our decision and test the Dutch view on your product. Then we would like to discuss the business aspect of this matter, which we also prefer on black and white. However, we most certainly are beyond doubt of the success.

Nevertheless, we look forward to our rewarding cooperation.

Yours sincerely.

Lara Porter,
Manager cell.com


Dear Ms. Taylor,

I write on behalf of my CEO, Ms. Douglas, of the Dutch cell phone company ‘‘cell.com’’.
First of all, we would like to apologize for the lack of quality of the product we offered you.
It was not our intention to betray your trust, and we most certainly hope that this incident has no following influence on our partnership.

The incurred loss has already been deposited into account. We’ve also made sure that your clients receive a refund while returning the cell phones.
If you could send us the product, we can find a solution for this situation.
Not only have we had contact with the original producer of the cell phones, but we have also came to a descent settlement from which we will…...

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