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534- Gcu Process Reflection Week 6

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Process Reflection: Week 6
Grand Canyon University: EDA-534
October 2, 2013

I think we did a great job as a group with regards to the standards for this week. I honestly was a little concerned with Crystal’s submission of her three knowledge responses but thankfully Sarah took the initiative to fix it after I had asked if we had enough. Nonetheless, I feel like we all chipped in and did the job successfully. I can’t believe how close we are to completing this class. It has been a great experience so far!

Honesty is an important part of being a leader. A true leader is honest with the values they believe in to ensure that each and every person is treated fair and equally. Decisions and systems with a school should hold common values such as integrity, fairness and equality. I know that after speaking to my principal, she had mentioned that education is filled with moments that ethical decisions have to be made. Making the right decisions is a huge part of what being a principal is all about. Students and faculty should not be discriminated based on their perceived differences.

As a leader within my class, I try to exhibit these traits in order to create a positive report with all my students no matter who they are. I try to tell my students to consider all points of view in each and every scenario so that the best decision can be made. I truly believe that we, as teachers, must teach our children to learn to appreciate each other no matter what differences we may have whether it be religion, gender, sexuality, beliefs, etc. It is our duty to establish and maintain a culture of equality, fairness, and integrity for all of our…...

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