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Duty of care in my job role means I take on the legal responsibilities to safeguard the wellbeing and welfare of clients under my care. This means that I must watch out for potential risks or hazards, where possible. Every client should be supported to live in the project free from prejudice, and safe from abuse whether this be mental, physical, financial or sexual. My responsibilities under the duty of care are to ensure I do everything within my job role to ensure this happens. The level of this is dependant on who is under my care a higher duty would be needed for clients with a limited ability to care for themselves.
Sometimes conflicts and dilemmas can arise when carrying out my duty of care. Sometimes the client’s rights go against our duty of care as in they have the right to privacy but it’s our duty of care to safeguard them from any dangers. If we were to have concerns about any type of abuse this would override the clients right to privacy because in this instance our duty of care is stronger. This has a dilemma of making the client feel we took our duty of care too far. But although our duty of care overrides the clients right to privacy, their right to privacy still exists and only agencies that must know should be told.

Another example is risk taking and balancing risk, it is a clients right to have opportunity to experience situations that may be a risk to the client in order to learn about potential danger but our duty of care is to keep them safe so there is a conflict. The dilemma is if an accident happened a parent/ agency may feel we did not protect the client. However If we do not let the client expose themselves to risks we are taking our duty of care to seriously but if we are exposing them to danger that is beyond their ability then we are not taking our duty of care serious enough so the conflicts are their rights which…...

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