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3 Simply was Ecommerce Startups Can Gain More Customers

There are some many things mistaken for good company “culture” these days. Businesses are celebrated for allowing employees to come to work in sweats and doling out free lunches. But that all-you-can-eat organic food at the company’s cafeteria or nap pods (they do sound great) could just be masking the sad state of the company culture that lies beneath. While these creative perks can foster a great work environment there usually has to be a complete package. So what are the five things you start doing now to build a better company? Well here are the five things you need for a better business and they are:
1. Hire the right people
2. Use tech to break down barriers
3. Support failure
4. Use perks to send the right signals
5. Don’t let titles restrict roles.
I think these are all great tips! But number five is so important! Too often I see businesses letting roles and titles get in the way. Let’s look at it this way, you have the opportunity to have a fresh perspective without having to outsource. These are all great tips which should be consider implemented in any business. And so here are the hidden hacks that will help take your business from zero to hero in the digital space: and they are 1. Automatic emails 2. Consider boosting Facebook followership’s 3. Optimize PR
When it comes to reaching customer’s public relations are usually used to get your business. Building the foundation for a strong customer/business relationship comes from trust and respect.
My revision plan;
I have the ambition to make a business to run well and to make the customer’s happy.

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