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100 Years of Logistics Nightmare Called Gm

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100 years of logistics nightmare called GM

The ability for a company to succeed and prosper depends on how well that company can design and engage an architecture that will yield its greatest results and satisfy the needs of the consumer along the way. General Motors has become one of the biggest automotive car makers in the United States. When organizations take a proactive role in giving the customer what they want, the system as we know it takes on a new role in that the final product serves to predetermine, predict, or speculate on the expected outcomes of what is being proposed. This project will discuss the beginning, where GM is now, and what’s the future holds for Detroit’s top automaker. Through a stock exchange GM took controlling interest in North American Aviation and merged it with its General Aviation division in 1933, but retaining the name North American Aviation. In 1948, GM divested NAA as a public company, never to have a major interest in the aircraft manufacturing industry again. Over the next twenty years, diesel-powered locomotives — the majority built by GM — largely replaced other forms of traction on American railroads.
In 1935, the United Auto Workers labor union was formed, and in 1936 the UAW organized the Flint Sit-Down Strike, which initially idled two key plants in Flint, but later spread to half-a-dozen other plants including Janesville, Wisconsin and Fort Wayne, Indiana. In Flint, police attempted to enter the plant to arrest strikers, leading to violence; in other cities the plants were shuttered peacefully. The strike was resolved February 11, 1937 when GM recognized the UAW as the exclusive bargaining representative for its workers.
At one point GM had become the largest corporation registered in the United States, in terms of its revenues as a percent of GDP. In 1953, Charles Erwin Wilson, then GM…...

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