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A1) Introduction Malaysian people of various races and religions need to think of themselves as a nation of Malaysia are thinking and acting to achieve a goal. In line with this, the unity that exist between races in this country should be strengthened to create a more peaceful country ambience, advanced, secure and prosperous.1 Malaysia is an on going programme designed by our Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak on 16th September 2010 to more powerfully emphasise racial harmony , national harmony , and well-organized governance. The logo is the symbol of 1 which combine the Jalur Gemilang flag and the word Malaysia. 1 Malaysia brought the hope to improve the race relations to confirm that the people of Malaysia to copy closer unity among themselves. By following this , people will be able to have a feeling of respect , sincerity and mutual understanding or trust between the races. Our government also requires a leader who are very friendly people and willing to allocate time , energy , financial and personal interests apart for the sake of the nation. Moreover , leaders who work with dedication and sincerity will get the full support and respect by the nations. The country always need a person who are dedicated and loyal on their duty to achieve a success.

A2) Integrity of 1 Malaysia
The 8 values of 1Malaysia most certainly commited. By understanding of those value would already describe on hard work and all qualities. But one value , i.e. integrity stands tall above the rest , in which without it , the rest will be plain posturing. The main of any development or task undertaken is the integrity of the parties who are involved. Integrity…...

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